Trace Crystal develops and produces a range of unique, unclonable and untransferable tags, called CaeSaR tags, that link a physical product to its digital twin in a secure and versatile manner. This allows customers to track and authenticate their products and share data over the distribution chain to the end customer.

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Versatile anti-counterfeiting tech

Our solution can be tailor-designed to meet a variety of security needs. It can be integrated on or within the products and packaging.
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Secure supply chain tracking

By equipping any product with a unique digital identity or "digital double," CaeSaR tags offer powerful opportunities for tracking, securing, authenticating, and sharing data from producer to end consumer.
Trace Crystal is a start-up that intends to develop and market technology born at the University of Luxembourg, as a result of interdisciplinary research connecting the Department of Physics and Materials science (DPhyMS) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) . Our team combines a stellar track record in research with a passion to transform innovative ideas into reality.

The research at the heart of TraceCrystal has been supported by:

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